If you wish to become a part of a multinational, innovative team that strives to make a difference to patients’ outcomes worldwide, we would love to hear from you.

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If you wish to become a part of a multinational, innovative team that strives to make a difference to patients’ outcomes worldwide, we would love to hear from you. Please use the link below to browse our current vacancies to see if we are currently offering a position that fits your profile and interests.

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Make an impact

In a small company with big ambitions, we strongly believe that every employee can make an impact: it is a key part of what we offer and what we expect from our employees. Each Basilea employee gets the opportunity to work on a range of projects and the freedom to make decisions.

Personal touch

We believe personal interaction forms a crucial part of the foundation on which teamwork and organizational cohesiveness are built. From the first interview until retirement and all the steps and milestones in between, we strive to add a personal touch in everything we do.


The scope of Basilea's offerings cover the full range of the drug life cycle: from discovery all the way to commercialization. Our success is contingent on cross-functional, dynamic teams built on passionate people who put collective accomplishments first.


Rewarding work is typically challenging, and working at Basilea is no different. Our projects are fast-paced, complex and diverse. To meet those challenges head on, it takes people that strive to perform on the highest level and are able to develop novel, out-of-the-box solutions to any issues met.


Our size coupled with our dedication to our employees means that we are able to offer our people the opportunity to work on exciting projects. Due to the fast pace of the company and the ability to work with fellow driven professionals, our employees are able to develop quicker and more broadly than they would in similar roles elsewhere.

What we offer

We strive towards making a difference to patients, and that starts with a commitment to our own people: our employees. In addition to competitive remuneration, our employees receive a variety of different benefits ranging from an attractive pension plan to personalized training courses.

Beware of fraudulent job offerings 

Recently, we have received an increased number of people contacting us after having been approached by scammers pretending to represent Basilea. Please note that Basilea will never ask or require candidates to send money or gift cards for application fees, interview fees, visas, plane tickets or other costs associated with recruitment. Furthermore Basilea does not approach candidates or conduct interviews through instant messaging applications, nor are we currently recruiting U.S.-based positions. If you have been asked by someone you think may be representing Basilea to send money to cover such costs, you may be the target of an elaborate scam.